Be Industry ready

Learn by coding in real developer environment guided by Industry experts


Data Structures and Algorithms

Work on real time Industry problems and strengthen your basic concepts.

  • Structured path for mastering Data structures and algorithms concepts with progressively advance concepts for practice
  • Dedicated mentor for helping you through the journey
  • Peer learning, understanding how to communicate and work in teams

Pre-requisites - Basic coding experience recommended.

Duration - 6 weeks

Data Science track with Python

Be a product maker, not a product learner. Start your this journey with our project-based learning program for data science

What would students get 

  • Structured path for breaking down a real data science problem and progressively create solutions.
  • Dedicated mentor for helping you through the journey

Why this Project -  Data Science is one of the key areas of focus for organizations today. Students would build their profile and gain mastery through the project.

Pre-requisites -  Some exposure to python, django preferred.

Duration - 6 weeks

Building APIs

With the advent of cloud systems and convergence of technology platform, all services are becoming API first services. Take this project to understand what does it take to build and manage scalable APIs.

What would students get 

  • Get hands on with industry leading integration platform 
  • Understand the jargons like Restful, Microservices architecture, API lifecycle management as you build systems
  • Dedicated mentor for helping you through the journey

Why this Project -  Almost all applications today are API first application. Get this project to learn by building your first APIs

Pre-requisites -  Basic coding and computer systems understanding. And a will to learn on the go.

Duration - 6 weeks

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